Wildlife Preservation Canada saves animal from extinction in Canada.

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Freshwater Turtles

Seven of Canada’s eight native freshwater turtle species are at risk.

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Wildlife Preservation Canada

Canada’s intensive care program for species at risk since 1985

How are the foxes?

How are the foxes?

After Wildlife Preservation Canada participated in reintroducing  the swift fox to the Canadian prairies, a follow up census showed a stunning 98.6% of young were wild-born, making this one of the most successful endangered species translocation programs in the world. How are the doing now?

Call for the Wild - Save Canada's Pollinators!

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Keep up with what is happening in the field . Our team leaders report on their day to day activities saving endangered species.

Canada's New Noahs Scholarship Opportunity

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This practical training and field experience course in managing and conserving endangered species, taking place on the island of Marutius, is fully funded by scholarship. Find out more and apply now.