Save Canada’s Freshwater Turtles

Did you know seven out of Canada’s eight freshwater species are currently at risk?

Please give now and you will receive a special email update in late summer 2015, with stories and photos of the hatchlinghatchling releases so you can see what your gift accomplished.  In the meantime, track the progress on our blog.   

The decline of freshwater turtles is staggering, and the problem is not just in Canada. More than 40% of the world’s freshwater turtles are threatened with extinction.

Not only are these cute reptiles beloved to many children and adults alike, turtles are also a vital part of the ecosystem. They act as janitors, helping to filter ponds by eating plants and dead fish.

Wildlife Preservation Canada has been working on the issue since 2004 when we learned that almost 100% of the nests at an important nesting site were being dug and eaten by overabundant predators such as raccoons. Our work has been centred on saving turtle eggs from predators and releasing the hatchlings, as well as learning best practices. Since this time, over 8,000 Blanding’s, northern map, snapping, spiny softshell, and spotted turtle hatchlings have been saved and released to the wild in Ontario.

Yet so much more must be done to save our turtles and why we are extending our reach to British Columbia and Quebec.

Reptile-Field-Team-2015Help More Turtles Come Out of Their Shell

Your support can have a direct impact on the future of Canada’s freshwater turtle species.

In spring and summer 2015, Project Leader Dr.Christina Davy and her Turtle Dream Team will rescue turtle nests, release hatchlings and monitor progress at a site  that is host to one of the greatest concentrations of nesting turtles in Ontario. With your support, they can do even more.

For only $35, you can ensure a turtle hatchling is released. For $385, you can save a whole nest.  You’ll even see the impact of your donation – you will receive an email update in late summer 2015 to track the project progress!