Conservation Grant Guidelines

Wildlife Preservation Canada (WPC) is a dynamic non-profit charitable organization devoted to saving highly endangered animal species facing imminent extinction in Canada and internationally. Through our Conservation Grants program we support captive breeding, reintroduction and/or translocation in recovery efforts of terrestrial animal species at risk. Applications for applied research, population monitoring, critical habitat assessment, habitat stewardship and public education will be considered only if high priority to recovery objectives. WPC does not provide funding for land securement or the publication and distribution of brochures for general educational purposes.

A special priority for WPC is training young scientists to create a network of skilled professionals to drive conservation efforts in Canada and around the world for decades to come.

Application Guidelines (download pdf here)

Proposals for WPC Conservation Grants are due 15 October of each year and should be sent as a PDF to

1) Proposals should be about 5 pages in length and provide necessary background, methods, and preliminary results. Proposals should include measurable objectives, benchmarks and a timeline.

2) Proposals should explain how the project addresses the following questions:

(a) How does the project fit WPC’s mission and emphasis on active management or intervention for species recovery and relevance of the project to the recovery of the species?

(b) What objectives and recovery actions in the recovery strategy does the project address? Has the proposal been discussed with the appropriate recovery team(s)?

(c) Will the project develop new knowledge or new techniques for the species that will directly benefit recovery of the species?

(d) How will the project support training of young scientists in conservation activities?

3) Proposals must include a budget table of key expenditures (staffing, travel, equipment and supplies) for the overall project indicating sources of funding, grants received and applied for, in-kind matching funds. Specify how WPC funds would be allocated.

Funding requests should not exceed $15,000.

Successful applicants will be required to submit a final report, by 15 October of the year of the award, summarizing progress on achieving benchmarks and goals of their project.