30 Years, 30 Days, $30,000

Is Canada’s natural world vanishing right before our eyes?

Native freshwater turtles are at risk.

Grassland bird populations have declined 45% since 1970.

Insect pollinators, on which the whole web of life depends, are disappearing.

And, within our lifetimes, 1/3 of all living species on earth may be gone.  With all this bad news, it would be easy to despair.  But it would also be premature.  At Wildlife Preservation Canada, we believe there is reason to hope.

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Thirty years ago, we took up the challenge to save Canadian species.

  • Today, captive-bred Oregon spotted frogs are now breeding in the wild in a restored, formerly unpopulated wetland.
  • Migratory returns of burrowing owls to British Columbia have increased fivefold in the past decade.
  • After a sixty-year absence, the swift fox once again roams Canada’s prairies.

Over 40 Canadian wildlife species require conservation breeding, translocation, reintroduction, or other human assistance to avoid extinction.  This year, we were able to work with roughly half of them.

Unless we invest more, we will continue to lose species.


To mark 30 years saving endangered wildlife,
we are challenged to raise $30,000 in 30 days.


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