Sheila has an Honours Bachelor of Zoology from the University of Toronto, St. George campus and completed her Ph.D. in Biology at York University in 2012. She began working with native pollinators in 2004 as a research assistant to Dr. James Thomson.  During her undergraduate degree she was involved in projects observing pollinator foraging behaviour and evolutionary ecology. Her honours thesis documented the spillover of diseases from managed bumblebees to native bumblebees in southern Ontario.  Her Ph.D. work focused on assessing the conservation status and ecological requirements for eastern North American bumblebees.  This work was the first quantitative study documenting the decline of native bumblebees in the region and lead to the Rusty-patched Bumblebee being listed as Endangered in Canada and in Ontario. Additional projects in collaboration with universities and museum in Canada, USA, UK and China have assessed the status of native species and looked more deeply into possible causes for decline.  Her research has been featured on Quirks & Quarks, Discovery Channel’s the Daily Planet, the Washington Post, and David Suzuki’s Nature of Things. In addition to scientific research, Sheila has been actively working on outreach, education and advocacy with regards to pollinator conservation, ecosystem services and sustainable agriculture.  She has worked with numerous NGOs and government agencies including Pollinator Partnership, Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation, USDA-Forest Service, FAO, Canadian Wildlife Service, OMNR and Natureserve.  She is currently the North American Coordinator (with Dr. Robbin Thorp) of the IUCN SSC Bumblebee Specialist Group which aims to use IUCN criteria to assess the status of wild bumblebees worldwide. Currently, Sheila is a Project Leader at Wildlife Preservation Canada looking to bring the Rusty-patched bumblebee and other at-risk pollinators back from the brink of extinction. This will include looking for extant populations of declining species and working with Citizen Scientists, Parks Employees and Landowners to gather data to produce a conservation management plan.

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