Call for the Wild

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119117821.zTJu91NY.bumble_beeBcitrinusmale_MG_7726How many types of pollinators are there?

There are over 200,000 types of pollinators around the world, including bees, butterflies, beetles,
birds, bats, flies and many others. In Canada we have over 800 different species of bees alone!
They include mining bees (which tunnel into the ground to make their homes), carpenter bees
(who can chew out their homes in woody plant stems), sweat bees (which may land on your skin
to lick your sweat), bumble bees (the big fuzzy bees we know the best), honey bees (who give us
honey), carder bees (who collect hairs from leaves) and leaf-cutter bees (who cut semi-circular
holes out of leaves for their nests), to name just a few. How many pollinators have you seen in
your backyard garden?

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