Call for the Wild

Click photo above and vote now and every day until September 13 from a desktop computer and support Wildlife Preservation Canada’s Native Pollinator program. Help us win up to $100,000! We have been chosen as one of five environmental charities to receive up to $100,000 based upon the number of votes we receive.  

Bumblebee watchOur First Endangered Bee

The Rusty-Patched bumble bee, so-named because of a patch of reddish hairs on its abdomen, used to be one of the most common bumble bees throughout southern Ontario and Quebec. However, over the last couple of decades, it has virtually disappeared from the landscape. Wildlife Preservation Canada is on the look out for this elusive insect. It is our hope that we can successfully rear this bumble bee in captivity and then re-introduce it into the wild: a process that has had great success with for other species. You can help us with our search, sign up for today to learn how! Read more about our pollinator program.