Location: Helliwell Provincial Park, Hornby Island, British Columbia

Landowner:BC Parks and Protected Areas, provincial crown


Seed Provider: Saanich Native Plants, Victoria BC

About the site:

This project focuses on habitat stewardship and restoration for Taylor’s Checkerspot butterfly and Dun Skipper butterfly. Both these butterflies have restricted Canadian ranges within highly threatened sparsely vegetated Garry Oak ecosystems and maritime meadows of southern Vancouver Island and the adjacent Gulf Islands.  The area to be seeded includes 12 – 14 specific areas (approx. 25m2) within a 2 – 3ha area of habitat. These areas are bare patches of ground, where small conifers and shrubs have been removed.



Plugs of Achillea millefolium, Bromus carinatus, Elymus glaucus, Eriophyllum lanatum, and Festuca roemeri were planted in fourteen polygons at Helliwell Provincial Park (photo showing Achillea millefolium).  Photo by Kristen Miskelly, Saanich Native Plants.

A custom native seed mix was mixed with sand and broadcast by hand over Polygons 1-14 at Helliwell Provincial Park. Photo by Kristen Miskelly, Saanich Native Plants.


BC Parks

BC Parks is responsible for the designation, management and conservation of a system of ecological reserves, provincial parks, conservancies, protected areas and recreation areas located throughout the province. British Columbia’s parks and protected areas system contains nationally and internationally significant natural and cultural features and outdoor experiences.

The provincial system of parks is dedicated to the protection of natural environments for the inspiration, use and enjoyment of the public.


Helliwell Provincial Park is located on Hornby Island, two short ferry rides from Vancouver Island. To reach Hornby Island take the Denman Island Ferry from Buckley Bay, off Hwy #19a. From Hwy #19, take the Buckley Bay exit #101. Once on the island, follow Denman Road to the Hornby Island Ferry terminal. Another 10 minute ferry ride will put you on Hornby Island; from there follow the main road to the Hornby Island CO-OP then turn left following Central Road to St. John’s Point Road to the park.​

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