Location: Tomahawk, Alberta

Landowner:​ Western Ranchlands Association “Tomahawk Ranch”


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The proposed pollinator planting will be integrated into a new eco-buffer shelterbelt on Tomahawk Ranch, a 14,000 acre property within the Mixwood Boreal. By increasing wildflower abundance and diversity, the association hopes to attract greater diversity and abundance of pollinators such as bees, butterflies, moths and beetles.  The wildflower seed mix will be interspersed along the edges of the new eco-buffer shelterbelt, which will be approximately 160m long by 15m wide and planted with pollinator friendly shrubs like pincherry, chokecherry and raspberry. 



The eco-buffer shelterbelt has been prepared for planting pollinator-friendly shrubs and trees in June 2020.

Alberta Conservation Association sampled native bees at Tomahawk Ranch in 2019 using blue vane traps (photo: L. Engley).


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