Breeding success in the Love Tub

The Oregon spotted frog is Canada’s most endangered frog. Without intervention it will almost certainly disappear. WPC Lead Biologist Andrea Gielens has been leading the team in  BC to save this frog through breeding and release to the wild to reestablish viable populations. The team is thrilled to report another
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World Migratory Bird Day 2022: Dim the Lights for Birds at Night!

The month of May in Ontario is like Christmas for birders and bird enthusiasts: millions of migratory birds are returning to their breeding grounds, singing their hearts out for territory and dressed to the nines in flashy colourful breeding plumage. Backyard feeders are suddenly full of bright colours: indigo buntings,
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Teamwork makes the dream work! Consilience in species conservation planning

Consilience is the unification of knowledge… It’s recognizing that we need to understand many different disciplines and understand the need to incorporate different disciplines beyond what we know and what we are comfortable with, in order to truly understand the world, understand our place in it, and understand how we
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Spring after winter – changing of the seasons in Jersey

Stephanie Winton is WPC’s current New Noah. Stephanie’s first stop is the 3-month long Endangered Species Management course at the Durrell Conservation Academy in Jersey, UK, followed by a practical placement on the island of Mauritius. Jersey, Channel Islands – Spring in Jersey is beautiful! Full of warm, sunny days with
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Urban Vipers 5: The timber rattlesnakes of Lenexa, Kansas

Timber rattlesnake (Crotalus horridus). Photo by Peter Paplanus THE SPECIES |  If you feel a sudden, keen sense of loss upon hearing the name of the timber rattlesnake (Crotalus horridus), it’s not just your imagination. These snakes used to occur in Canada, with populations in southern Ontario and likely southern
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