2021 saw record high mortality on roads surrounding Windsor Nature Preserve

October 12th 2021 was a bad day to be a reptile at the Ojibway Prairie in Windsor, Ontario. In a single day, a record 119 snakes were found dead on surrounding roads – the highest ever recorded since monitoring began in 2010. This beats the previous single-day record (set in
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8 reasons to feel good about conservation in 2021

Saving endangered animals is not easy. It requires dedication, a willingness to work long hours, a stubborn commitment to keep moving forward, and above all a love for the animals we work with. But the rewards can also be immensely gratifying when we see these animals being released back into
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Turtle photo retake day – Class of 2021

Did you ever have an awkward school photo taken? Truthfully, all western painted turtle hatchling photos could be considered a bit awkward.  Turtles are born with their yolk sacs visible through the middle of their plastron (belly). We take their photo right away, so we can ID and track their
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Living the dream (2): top 5 perks of working remotely

Seven weeks was not enough shrike for me! In May, 2021, I had the privilege of being the lone Loggerhead Shrike Recovery Biologist based out of eastern Ontario. Excitingly there have been recent observations of this endangered songbird in the area that led to a need for more search effort.
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12 essential wildlife and environmental podcasts for the curious mind

Other listening platforms may have already “wrapped” for the year, but your listening experience is not complete without WPC’s list of 12 essential podcasts for the curious mind. These shows are what you can find playing in the headphones of our conservation biologists as they trek through fields,  scrub turtle
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