URBAN VIPERS 3: The black mambas of Durban, South Africa

A black mamba (Dendroaspis polylepis). Photo: Nick Evans (Home – KZN Amphibian & Reptile Conservation (nickevans.co.za)) The black mamba. You may have heard this snake described as ‘aggressive’, ‘massive’, ‘terrifying’, or ‘deadly’. Cultural beliefs about this snake have given it a reputation as a cold-blooded killer – one who will
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Beyond workers: mating and overwintering bumble bees

In WPC’s Bumble Bee Conservation Lab, we raise bumble bee colonies in captivity with queens we collect during our spring surveys. You can learn all about the conservation breeding lab and the colonies we raised this year in a previous blog here. We monitor these colonies throughout the summer, and
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Day in the life of a blue racer snake researcher

~ Written by Kenny Rueland, Gabriel Evans-Cook, and Delaney Griffiths The blue racer is Ontario’s fastest snake and the province’s second largest snake. Unfortunately, they are also endangered. As blue racer researchers for WPC, it is our job to observe, monitor, and protect this remarkable species as we estimate the
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Saving Ontario’s turtles

All eight of Ontario’s native freshwater turtle species are listed as at-risk federally. To address this crisis, in 2020 WPC led the formation of the Working Group for the Conservation of Ontario Turtles to bring together expertise in hands-on management to recover Ontario turtles. There are many organizations across the
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Bumble bee field work: when a generalist meets a specialist

This year I am fortunate enough to be a part of Wildlife Preservation Canada’s (WPC) Native Pollinator Initiative (NPI). I come from a background heavy in entomology, which is the study of insects. I began my university education in a zoology program at the University of Guelph, which shockingly did
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