Slide2Volunteering with the Freshwater Turtle Conservation Project for the past two weeks has been a blast! It started and ended with lots of rain, which is not always fun when tenting, but the turtles love it! I was really excited to get up close to the different species living here and was lucky enough to see a spiny softshell turtle my first week! I got to process her and collect her eggs -which she laid very early this year I’m told. That was one of many highlights during my time here as well as seeing a map turtle that was one of last year’s hatchlings. I was also fortunate enough to arrive at a time of transition between seasons. My first week was during mark-recapture and the second during nesting, so I got to experience both. Though I did miss being able to wade around during mark-recapture, I got to go bushwhacking instead. The snapping turtles claimed a section a trail to themselves and I have never seen so many in one place! I can officially say that they no longer intimidate me after working with so many of them. All in all I had a great two weeks and I will be following for the rest of the summer to see all the hatchlings released!

–Alyssa Deuwaarder Slide1