I can’t believe it’s nearly June already – this spring has rushed past me at top speed! My 2015 field team has been chasing turtles and snakes since the beginning of May, and 2015 is already a productive and exciting year for us.

For now, I’d like to introduce you to my 2015 team. Juliana Skuza and Xiaotian Wang have returned to continue protecting and studying endangered turtle populations with me, and I’m thrilled to have them both back! Mhat Briehl, Jeffrey Ethier and Rebecca Lewis have joined the project and will be tracking Eastern Foxsnakes to understand how they use their habitat, as well as conducting surveys for several other snake species. Over the coming months we’ll keep you updated on how things go, and on other interesting wildlife we encounter along the way!

— Christina Davy

Reptile Field Team 2015

2015 reptile field team. From left to right: Xiaotian Wang and Juliana Skuza (Turtle Team); Rebecca Lewis, Jeffrey Ethier and Mhat Briehl (Snake Team); Christina Davy (and the New Littlest Turtler).