Community Science for Massasuaga Workshop Part 2: Project Highlights

Presented on March 30, 2023

This video includes presentations about three Massasauga Community Science Projects: Magnetawan First Nation, Shawanaga First Nation, Killbear Provincial Park.

Alanna spoke about Magnetawan First Nation’s Massasauga work and how they are involving their community. Their community based monitoring program is a way they work to educate and promote co-habitation and protect critical habitat areas.

Alanna spoke about her gratitude for the community of Magnetawan First Nation and all of gifts of Creation in her everyday work, outreach activities, and program initiatives. Steven spoke about the species-a-risk program at Shawanaga First Nation, including projects with the Massasagua, moose, and lake sturgeon.

Steven runs this program with a holistic approach to conservation, using a two-eyed seeing approach braiding western science and traditional ecological knowledge (TEK). Kenton spoke about the history of Killbear Provincial Park and the campaign over the last 30 years to protect the Massasauga using a combination of community science, educational outreach, research, and adaptive mitigation techniques.