Our field staff on Vancouver Island just sent word that we have the first Taylor’s checkerspot butterfly eggs of the season

The cluster of small yellow eggs were laid by a wild-caught female on plantain plants in our temporary field enclosures. She’ll be returned back to the wild now that she has done her part in saving her species. The rest is up to us.  

The eggs will be transported to our facility at the Greater Vancouver Zoo. There the eggs will develop in safety and hopefully hatch into caterpillars in a few weeks.  

The Taylor’s checkerspot butterfly was thought to have disappeared from Canada until just 15 individuals were found on Denman Island in 2005. Since then we have released over 1,300 back into the wild population. We will continue to breed and release butterflies into the wild until the population is able to sustain itself.

We’d like to send a big thank you to B.C. Ferries who has donated passage between Vancouver Island and the mainland so that our biologists can transport the eggs back to the zoo safely.

Stay tuned as we update you on the progress of these eggs!