To celebrate Endangered Species Week, WPC is putting the spotlight on endangered Canadian species who desperately need our help.

This spotlight is on the Taylor’s checkerspot butterfly, which is listed as Endangered in Canada.

One of the best starting points in saving an endangered animal is to learn about what makes that animal special. We’ve pulled together some quick and easy ways for you to learn about the Taylor’s checkerspot butterfly

1. Follow our caterpillars long journey to their release site: 

Follow the WPC team as they take endangered Taylor’s checkerspot caterpillars from the breeding facility at the Greater Vancouver Zoo to their release site at Helliwell Provincial Park on Hornby Island.

2. Go behind the scenes and learn how our team cares for these endangered caterpillars: 

3. Get your kids excited about endangered animals:

Download our kids activity sheets in full colour or black and white colouring sheets. Each of the six different sheets has facts about a different animal with a fun activity on the back where your kids can put their knowledge to the test. 

3. Other ways you can help endangered animals like the Taylor’s checkerspot butterfly:

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