Improving burrows. Photo by Elaine Humphreys.

The Burrowing Owl Society members spent a weekend in the Nicola Valley at the Guichon Ranch improving the sites for the owls. The weather was gorgeous and everyone pitched in to install 10 new artificial burrows (muscle power needed in this rocky soil), repair and maintenance on others and hand pulled noxious weeds around the burrows. The evening was spent enjoying a well deserved BBQ with local landowners attending.

Sighting: a banded female owl was sighted October 20, 2013 in Tofino, BC (very west coast). She spent the summer at the Guichon Ranch then headed for the coast. I wonder where she will winter?

This was not a high production year for the owls with predation by hawks a major factor. Still 130 wild born juveniles successfully fledged.

Bear Damage

A black bear visit. Photo: J. Edwards

Most of the owls begun their migration south by now with a few owls waiting until the snow flies.


Dawn Brodie
Burrowing Owl Conservation Society of BC