This Giving Tuesday we asked our community to step up for wildlife and you amazed us once again with your generosity.

Together, we raised $14,000 and it was matched for a total of $28,000!!!

All of us at WPC are incredibly grateful for the support as the urgency to save species from extinction has never been greater.

The wildlife community really is unstoppable.

We are 60% of the way to our year-end goal of $90,000. Big or small, your contributions make a real difference. Your efforts are bringing hope with every hatchling and playing a vital role in bringing species, like bees, back from the brink.

Bring (more!) western painted turtles back to B.C.

B.C.’s wetlands are magical places, where dragonflies dart amongst cattails and croaking frogs swim between lily pads. What you won’t see are many western painted turtles.

Today, only 750 of these endangered turtles remain in the wild across the entire Fraser Valley. But that number is growing — thanks to our amazing community. And your gift today can keep the success story going.

So much depends on pollinators. Will you protect them?

There are all kinds of reasons to love pollinators — starting with the contents of the crisper drawer in your fridge. These crucial pollinators are responsible for many of the fruits and vegetables you eat every day — and for the trees, flowers and other plants that feed and shelter countless other species in the wild.

Simply put, so much depends on bees. And right now, they need your help.

Since the 1990s, bumble bee populations have plummeted. Today, a third of Canada’s bumble bee species face the risk of extinction. But you have the power to bring back the buzz by supporting our hugely successful breeding colony in Ontario.

See what we’re up to in the field