It may seem like all is quiet in our Oregon spotted frog overwintering tanks, but love is in the air. As early as January, males will start testing out their mating calls to see if any females are listening. To successfully fertilize an egg, males must be attentive to female breeding behaviour and be in the right place at the right time when she decides to release her eggs.

We recently captured a short video of one of these keen males. He quieted down once he knew that we were listening, but we are sure his shyness will disappear when receptive females start to appear from their winter slumber. 

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Meanwhile, in our outside tanks, covered in a thin layer of ice, we were surprised to find that a few of the females who we thought had packed on some winter weight were actually full of eggs. These sneaky mothers will start laying eggs very soon. Watch as we pull one of the females out of the ice and show of her belly fully of eggs.

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