When WPC began working with massasauga rattlesnakes in the Ojibway Prairie in southwestern Ontario, field teams were spotting them the wild. However, not a single massasauga has been seen since 2019, suggesting they may have become locally extinct and now require reintroductions to bring them back. The team continues to mitigate the threats to the original population, through habitat enhancements in a combined area of over 10 hectares, involving garbage removal, controlling invasive plant species like phragmites, and creating beneficial woody debris features that snakes require for cover. Creating safe habitat for massasaugas means a haven for other species. This vital work takes a lot of hands! This field season, the Ojibway Prairie Reptile Recovery Team welcomed nine new field technicians. Let’s introduce you to the new members.


Lead Field Technician

I currently hold a diploma in Ecosystem Management Technology from Fleming College. Through my education and prior conservation-based work experiences, I have obtained a strong skill set working with both native and non-native herpetofauna. Being part of this team, I hope to expand upon my skills working with more Species at Risk herpetofauna in this leadership role.


Population Monitoring Field Technician

I am a recent graduate of a BSc in Biology from Nipissing University with minors in both Geography and Environmental Science. I have a passion for conservation work and herpetology. I love conducting integral conservation work with this team and the Ontario species I get to work alongside everyday,


Population Monitoring Field Technician

I’m currently enrolled in a dual diploma program at Fleming College studying Fish & Wildlife as well as Conservation Biology. I have a vast amount of experience working in many sectors of the conservation field, primarily with herpetofauna. This summer I’m looking forward to working hands-on with Ontario’s Species at Risk like the eastern fox snake (Pantherophis gloydi).


Population Monitoring Field Technician

I am a recent graduate from the University of Windsor with a BSc in Biology and a minor in Environmental Science. I have a passion for the outdoors and our wonderful planet we call home. I’m excited to work with many Species at Risk and contribute to Ontario’s conservation.


Population Monitoring Field Technician

I’m currently taking the Fish & Wildlife Technician program at Fleming College. Some of my hobbies are hiking, herping, and wildlife photography. I have a huge passion for wildlife (especially herpetofauna) and I am looking forward to having a career helping with their conservation.


Habitat Enhancement Field Technician

I am a graduate of British Columbia Institute of Technology’s Ecological Restoration BSc program and hold a diploma in Fish and Wildlife from Fleming College. Throughout, my focus has been on wetland ecology, restoration and wildlife population dynamics. Snakes and other herptiles have been a lifelong passion of mine and I am looking forward to using the experience and knowledge I’ve gained to help contribute to the Ojibway Prairie Reptile Recovery Program’s 2022 summer field technician team.


Habitat Enhancement Field Technician

I have recently graduated with my Bachelor of Environmental Studies from the University of Waterloo. I also received a minor in psychology and a diploma in ecosystem restoration and rehabilitation. I have spent the last three summers conducting field work with various bee species. This summer I am looking forward to bringing the skills I have acquired through my previous work experience to the Ojibway Prairie Reptile Recovery Team. I am very excited to help create a more sustainable habitat for some of our at-risk snakes in southern Ontario!


Habitat Enhancement Field Technician

I am a graduate of the University of Guelph with an Honours Bachelor of Science in Zoology with a minor in Philosophy. In addition to my experiences with various reptile species (notably American Crocodiles), I also believe strongly in outreach and education work, which I have contributed to in my community. I hope to create a better environment for Canadian species to flourish, and help foster a caring community in Windsor and across Canada so people and wildlife can respectfully coexist.


Habitat Enhancement FIeld Technician

I’m a graduate of the Fleming College Ecosystem Management Technician program and I have a keen interest in understanding the many different facets of our world. I have experience clearing invasive Phragmites species, maintaining portages within Quetico Provincial Park, leading guided tours at the Monteverde Butterfly Gardens in Costa Rica, volunteering with the Askari Wilderness Conservation Programme in South Africa, and I am hoping to contribute to the management and conservation of this great habitat for herpetofauna so that the diversity of life here can flourish for decades to come.