Thoughts from a field biologist: I consider myself very lucky to have a job that keeps me active. In the winter season, when the frogs and butterflies are hibernating and only the turtles are awake, I sit at my desk a lot more, but in the summer I am on my feet all day.

There is a constant range of activities to keep me moving and they change by season. Sometime I’m hunched over little tadpole tubs sucking out poop with a turkey baster, or sometimes I’m pulling weeds or lots of times I’m scrubbing turtle tubs.

If you’re wanting to get yourself in shape and look like a conservation biologist, then get yourself a t-shirt tan and follow this work out plan 🙂

(B.C. Wetlands) Conservation biologist work out plan

  1. Tub flip: flip two 1135 L (300 US gallon) tubs filled to where the drain won’t drain anymore – 2 reps / 2 x per week (Do 16 reps one day in September when all frog tubs are emptied)
  2. Squats: Squat down to tape gutter wire onto frog tubs before winter or to take the wire off in spring – 300 reps / 2 x per year
  3. Leap frog: Leap after frogs that have slipped past you watchful eye while draining frog tubs – hopefully 0 reps (but probably at least 5) / as needed from July – September
  4. Scrub tub: Scrub turtle tubs. Use only your dominant arm to achieve that true conservation biologist asymmetrical bicep look – 16 reps / daily
  5. Hose wrestle: Fight with the hose to untangle knots. 3-4 reps / daily
  6. Butterfly lift: Feed a butterfly on the tip of a q-tip (this is a low weight, controlled exercise) 48 reps / 2 x per day

And there you have it. You’ll be on your way to “moderately strong-ish” kind of look.