Nova Scotia Piping Plover Recovery Program

Hey All! Cheers for WPC’s 21st New Noah. I am back in Canada and have been working with a wonderful little endangered shorebird called the Piping Plover. WPC has teamed up with Parks Canada and other NGOs in Atlantic Canada to work on the conservation and recovery of this species.
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Spotted turtle

Ontario Turtles

The spring has kicked off to a wonderful start with our spotted turtle surveys at populations across Ontario. The weather has unfortunately been cramping our style, since the late cold spring meant we had to enter some of our sites through snowbanks. However, we bundled up and headed in anyways,
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Report from Napanee – Rainy Weather Affecting Shrikes

Seven pairs of eastern loggerhead shrike have returned so far to Napanee, which is two more than last year. The cold, windy & wet weather in April continued through most of May, making life for many insect-eating birds, including loggerhead shrikes, very difficult.
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BC Burrowing Owls

The Burrowing Owl program in BC is thriving and expanding. Each year new sites are identified and with landowner consultations artificial burrows are installed. Captive-raised Burrowing Owls were released 2010 at a new site in the South Okanagan with a male owl returning to the site this spring. Returning owls
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Dyer’s Bay Blog: Dressing up for the Shrikes

When winter finally relinquishes its icy grip, when snowdrifts give way to coursing waters and the sun begins to feebly shine, the time to spring into fashion is upon us. This applies not only to sophisticated models strutting catwalks the world over, but also to WPC captive breeding technicians as
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