Urban Vipers 5: The timber rattlesnakes of Lenexa, Kansas

Timber rattlesnake (Crotalus horridus). Photo by Peter Paplanus THE SPECIES |  If you feel a sudden, keen sense of loss upon hearing the name of the timber rattlesnake (Crotalus horridus), it’s not just your imagination. These snakes used to occur in Canada, with populations in southern Ontario and likely southern
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Stumped: Why do bumble bees need forests?

When you think of bumble bees, where do you imagine them? Buzzing around flowers, of course! Most of us are used to seeing bumble bees in our gardens, at the park, or meadows, but these aren’t the only places you can find bumble bees.
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Are two heads really better than one?

Every so often we see an Oregon spotted frog that makes us go…what?!?! At the Oregon spotted frog breeding facility, we have seen leucistic (lacking pigmentation), melanistic (increased pigmentation), extra limbs and fused toes in the tadpoles we grow here. A certain amount of differences in formation are considered normal
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Early emerging bumble bee species to look out for this spring

Spring has finally sprung, and  bumble bee queens are starting to emerge! After a long overwintering, bumble bee queens emerge from their resting spots and begin to look for a new home for their annual colony (nest searching) and forage. They’re hungry after all that time sleeping! The exact timing
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Congratulations, “mommy-to-be”!

Oregon spotted frog season has begun! Our hope is that we’re able to build on our incredibly successful year in 2021, where we produced over 20,000 tadpoles. Prior to breeding introductions, all female frogs in WPC’s Oregon spotted frog breeding and recovery program at the Greater Vancouver Zoo were treated
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