Yellow-Banded Bumble Bee

Stumped: Why do bumble bees need forests?

When you think of bumble bees, where do you imagine them? Buzzing around flowers, of course! Most of us are used to seeing bumble bees in our gardens, at the park, or meadows, but these aren’t the only places you can find bumble bees.

Going Lawnless for Native Pollinators

Colette Kenny recently joined WPC’s Bumble Bee Watch Community Science Program as a volunteer. She is writing today as a guest blogger about her efforts to support native pollinators on her half-acre homestead, located northeast of Kingston,…

Contributing to Community Science: One Volunteer’s Experience in Bumble Bee Conservation

Depending on where you live in Canada, the snow may already be melting, revealing early signs of spring. If you’re an avid gardener, you might already be thinking about what plants you want to add to your property this year. While it’s…

Bumble Bee Surveys in a New Light

For three years now, Tiffani has been invaluable in our effort to survey bumble bees in as many sites as possible across Ontario. These surveys are conducted in a narrow spring window when bumble bee queens are still emerging from hibernation…