The magic number is – 111 spiny softshell hatchlings released this season! Based on the hatching rate calculated from wild nests, Louis and the team estimated that approximately 100 turtles would not have hatched without intervention, meaning that they “added” one hundred hatchlings to the ecosytem, an increase of 200%.

Louis Lazure and the team at Granby Zoo suffered through unusually bad weather in the Lake Champlain region of Quebec – consecutive rainy and chilly days in early June delayed nesting season by two weeks. The constant rain also meant extreme river flow and high water levels, limiting proper nesting site availability, and by the time the water receded in late July, a lot of reeds had grown over the beaches, making it difficult to locate nests. However, in the end, the team found them all.

The team is grateful to local passersby and fishermen who cooperated in the habitat protection and in leaving the nesting areas undisturbed. Wildlife Preservation Canada relies on local partners. landowners and stakeholders in all our species recovery projects to be stewards of wildlife.

Goodbye little fellows, and good luck!