WPC’s Lead Biologist Andrea Gielens, and recovery technician Mitchell Gardiner prepare to release western painted turtles to suitable habitat in BC. The western painted turtle is BC’s only remaining native pond turtle, and the population is dwindling. Our efforts, in partnership with the Greater Vancouver Zoo, to save this turtle include protecting nests, artificially incubating eggs, breeding and headstarting young turtles for release.

And finally….

Release day for Western painted turtles and Oregon spotted frogs!

Andrea Gielens

Lead Biologist – Fraser Valley Wetlands Recovery Program

Andrea manages WPC’s captive breeding and release programs for the Oregon spotted frog and the coastal western painted turtle. Andrea has studied at-risk reptiles and amphibians in Canada and abroad, including a term at the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust in Jersey. Andrea also manages the Taylor’s checkerspot butterfly recovery program in BC.