By Eric Jolin
Video credit: Dhanu Munasinghe

Taking full advantage of the calm seas on our most recent trip back to the mainland, our team was lucky enough to make a quick detour to Serpent Island! Much to my dismay, Serpent Island doesn’t actually have any serpents, with the nearest snakes being the keel-scaled boas of Round Island. It does however boast the highest density of seabirds in the Mascarenes! Sooty terns, masked boobies, brown noddies, lesser noddies, and the odd wedge-tailed shearwater all call this rocky island home. Although the video certainly doesn’t do justice to the clouds of birds we saw around the island, it does give you a brief glimpse into life on the Island Restoration team. This was, without a doubt, one of the highlights of my time as Canada’s New Noah so far!