After working on the Eastern Loggerhead Shrike project in Ontario, Tara Imlay was the 20th New Noah and has continued to stay very involved with Wildlife Preservation Canada (WPC) since then. For her PhD, with Dr. Marty Leonard at Dalhousie University she has been studying the decline in Maritime Swallows.

She investigated the cause(s) of rapid population declines for four species of swallows in the Maritimes of Canada. For example, the team recently published a study showing that the abundance of insects was not related to the survival nor weights of the young swallows during the period when they were in the nests. Tara’s PhD was supported by WPC and a partnership with Canadian Wildlife Service (part of Environment and Climate Change Canada).

Tara’s WPC posts about her swallow work can be found here and you can keep up to date with her academic work on Researchgate