On this National Philanthropy day, on behalf of everyone at WPC, we want to say thank you. 

Thank you to the donors, supporters, followers, volunteers, landowners, and partner organizations.

Your unwavering support continues to be the cornerstone of our success. Whether through your encouragement, time, resources, words, or contributions – everyone of you has left an indelible mark on our journey.

Your belief in our mission is a powerful motivator, allowing us to overcome obstacles and reach new successes. Your generosity and commitment are a driving force behind our achievements and for that we express our sincere gratitude.

We are confident that with supporters like you, there are no limits to what we can achieve.

Highlighting three of our long time supporters, check out our featured donor profiles below and get to know why they choose to support WPC every day.

Roberta Olenick

Roberta Olenick is a Vancouver-based wildlife photographer and longtime supporter of WPC, most recently through securities donations. You can view her images at Never Spook the Animals Wildlife Photography, www.neverspook.com.

“I first learned of Wildlife Preservation Canada over twenty years ago when I was photographing prairie wildlife in Saskatchewan and WPC was involved with swift fox and burrowing owl recovery there. I have been a supporter ever since. Far too many species that were relatively common when I started photographing in 1998 have become increasingly rare and hard to find. WPC’s work to recover wildlife helps to allay my deep sadness over such loss. I love that WPC not only applies its cutting edge captive breeding and release techniques to charismatic furred and feathered species such as foxes and owls, but also to all-too-often under-appreciated animals including snakes and frogs (who are among my personal favourites).  I also love that WPC trains young conservationists through its Canada’s New Noah program so they can continue WPC’s work of bringing wildlife back from the brink.”

The Westaway Charitable Foundation

The Westaway Charitable Foundation has been a generous Wildlife Preservation Canada supporter for over 20 years contributing to our direct, hands-on care and recovery efforts for endangered species. Beginning in 2002, the Westaway Foundation has provided valuable unrestricted support allowing WPC to direct the funds to the most urgent needs as identified by our Action Plan (updated annually). 

 Peter Westaway spent his early summers in Georgian Bay where he developed a profound interest in the wildlife of the area.

“Many of the species I knew there back in the 1950’s have disappeared or are endangered. For example,the eastern spotted turtle, once very common in Georgian Bay, is now found only at Long Point on Lake Erie. We feel it imperative to do whatever we can to preserve species such as  the eastern fox snake, which are endangered, and the work of WPC strives to do exactly that.”

Through their Foundation, Peter and Brigitte Westaway support a variety of health, environmental and arts organizations contributing to critical projects/programs across the country. We are grateful to the Westaway CharitableFoundation for their years of support and commitment to Canada’s endangered species.


TPH (The Printing House) is a Canadian-owned family business operating 60+ retail production centres in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario & Nova Scotia. Over the years, TPH’s charitable office has supported hundreds of Canadian charities through discounts, print donations, volunteer support, fundraising and event management, employee donations, and corporate donor matching.

WPC has been fortunate enough to benefit from TPH’s community involvement and commitment to sustainability and our planet. Through our partnership with TPH we have bright and beautiful print signage on display at our Bumble Bee Conservation Lab and continue to support our printing needs.

“At TPH, we take immense pride in our partnership with Wildlife Preservation Canada through the Sleeping Giant apparel brand. WPC stands as the beacon of hope for endangered species across our nation, from the fragile frog populations in BC to the vital pollinators disappearing across Ontario. It is an honor to support an organization that serves as Canada’s last line of defense for these precious species, showcasing our commitment to wildlife preservation and environmental stewardship.”