We are proud to announce that after countle ss hours, hundreds of nests, and thousands of eggs, nesting season here in Southern Ontario has come to a close. But as they always say; when one door closes, another one opens; and that is exactly what happened. Before we even ended our nesting season, hatching season had already crept up on us! Mornings have been filled with us monitoring our incubators for pipping and hatching eggs, while afternoons had us back out in the nesting grounds collecting any remaining nests in order to save them from predation, and boost recruitment in these struggling populations. Of course, we were pleasantly surprised when the moment of our first hatch finally arrived. Our first spiny softshell nest collected back at the beginning of June hatched out perfectly, and the hatchlings were marked, measured, and released this past week! Upon their release, each of the 23 spiny softshell hatchlings made their (graceful?) entrance into the largest, and only, body of water they have yet to come across. photos combined One in particular came face to face with his first major obstacle as a turtle. Running full speed, tripping over his own four feet, and tumbling head over heals, this little spiny made his entrance a memorable one. Whether it’s a graceful entrance, or a somewhat clumsy one, releasing these individuals that were saved from predation at their most vulnerable stage lets us take a step back and reflect on all the long hours and buggy bush-wacking that got the hatchlings to where they are now. — Juliana Skuza and Xiaotian Wang