A few months have passed since the Canadian and Montana field crews completed the technical components of live trapping and camera trapping. The crews have moved onto other biology employment opportunities on the prairies and the west coast, and further post-secondary education.

Two of the crew members, also a trap team for this past 2014/2015 Swift Fox survey, will continue on with their contract, with Dr. Axel Moehrenschlager, to collect further data in the field utilizing the non-invasive method of camera trapping. The area covered in the 2015 summer work will consist of replicated townships and ranges sampled in the 2014/2015 survey. This replicated sampling will facilitate a better understanding of the overall collected data.

The 2014/2015 data is officially collected from all six teams north and south of the border, however, the work is far from over. Entering and tabulating a large portion of the data, from field journals, into usable files for statistical analysis and outcome management is fully underway. Additionally, as the data is worked upon I am uploading, tagging untagged photos and double checking thousands of tagged photos to ensure consistency and accuracy. These data and the upcoming summer data collected will be compared, analyzed and concluded.

Photo: Property of the Calgary Zoo