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Bumble Bee Community Science

Did you know that taking photos of bumble bees can help contribute to their monitoring and conservation?

Wildlife Preservation Canada (WPC) has been involved with Bumble Bee Community Science monitoring across Canada (primarily in Ontario) since 2015 using Bumble Bee Watch. Community science provides local opportunities for people to get involved in wildlife monitoring and conservation, all while gathering valuable data.

What is a Bumble Bee Community Science Program?

It is a program where volunteers are trained to survey bumble bees (usually on a specific property) and then upload these observations to Bumble Bee Watch. These programs are important because bumble bees are excellent pollinators and several species are in decline. Every program is created specifically for the location(s) and goals of the host organization, but ultimately they all have the same goal of learning more about bumble bees at the site and engaging the public in bumble bee conservation.

Are you looking to participate in a bumble community science program, or host a program? Choose below:

What is Bumble Bee Watch?

It is a community science platform where you can upload observations of bumble bees across North America and get experts to identify your observations. You can explore the platform at BumbleBeeWatch.org

Current Community Science Partners:
Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park
Pinery Provincial Park (Ontario Parks)
Friends of Pinery Park
Rouge National Urban Park (Parks Canada)
Toronto & Region Conservation Authority
Science North
York University
Xerces Society

Past Bumble Bee Community Science Programs:
Alderville Black Oak Savanna (2017)
Awenda Provincial Park (2016-2017)
Camp Attawandaron (2016)

Some of our program testimonials 

Glenbow Community Science Program

In the field, experience with an expert is so incredibly valuable to building capacity and confidence in volunteers, and also allows the leader to get to know the volunteers and learn each volunteer’s strengths and weaknesses as well. All of this leads to a more solid citizen science program (2019)

Pinery Community Science Program

It was a great program that I found extremely useful. It was well organized, sequential, and confidence boosting. As someone who has been participating independently in BBW, I learned a lot of new things. (2022)

Surveying all the sites always gives me a sense of connectedness with Pinery, especially to see how the sites change over the season…I love the sense of accomplishment and connection to the pollinator science community I get from doing the surveys. (2022)

The beauty of bumblebees and getting to observe them so closely has been enriching for me (2022)

It was a very well organized program. I had another wonderful summer being a citizen scientist while enjoying the beauty of Pinery Park! (2018)

Claremont Nature Centre’s Community Science Program

The TRCA Bumble Bee Community Service Program was absolutely incredible, I felt right at home with the staff, campers and especially the bees! The people and landscape of the centre really contributed to the amazing experiences I had when volunteering. Even after full days of trekking through brush looking for insects, I only wanted to go back even longer the next day. The nature of the area really made me feel true freedom and I will happily go back year after year. Claremont Nature Centre gave me the single best volunteer experience I have ever had. (2022)