A Professional Training and Field Experience Program in the Conservation and Management of Endangered Species

WILDLIFE PRESERVATION CANADA is searching for a “New Noah”, an enthusiastic young Canadian scientist willing to participate in a rigorous six-month professional training program, with the possibility of internship placement (in Mauritius and/or Canada) to follow, to learn the methods of endangered species management pioneered in England by the late author and naturalist Gerald Durrell, and in North America by Richard Fyfe and Dr. Tom Cade.

CANADA’S NEW NOAH ‘s full scholarship includes travel, living and training expenses to enable the New Noah to participate in the practical field experience component running from August 2019 – January 31, 2020 on the island of Mauritius, once the home of the ill-fated dodo. With the field teams, you will learn a wide variety of practical skills ranging from animal handling, supplementary feeding techniques, tree climbing, nest monitoring, rare plant germination techniques and measuring reptiles, among others. This is followed by the 12 week Durrell Endangered Species Management Graduate Certificate (DESMAN) program on the island of Jersey, British Channel Islands, at the Durrell Conservation Academy, ending April 30, 2020. The course features intensive taught modules interspersed with day-long workshops and personal study and research.

What does it take to become one of Canada’s New Noahs?

  • Post-secondary degree in biology, zoology, veterinary or related studies
  • A passionate interest and previous experience in wildlife conservation
  • Previous practical experience with animals in a zoological, research and/or field environment, particularly with species at risk
  • Demonstrated ability to conduct field work in remote and rustic conditions
  • Ability to work closely with others as part of a team
  • Ability to work independently when necessary with a minimum of direction
  • Ability to be flexible and open-minded
  • Ability to laugh at oneself, even while struggling to save the world
  • Excellent health and a love of hiking and the outdoors
  • Good communication skills
  • Fluency in French an advantage, but not a requirement

NOTE:  The successful applicant will be expected to be available from August 2020 to April 2021 to participate in this program
APPLICATION DEADLINE:   November 30, 2019