burrowing owl and blue sky

Burrowing Owl

The burrowing owl nests, rests and stores food in the abandoned burrows of mammals such as badgers, ground squirrels and prairie dogs in prairie grasslands and now is one of the most endangered birds in these areas.
swallow hirundo green background

Swallows of the Maritimes

This group of aerial insectivores has experienced greater declines than any other group of birds in North America. In Canada, the trend is most severe in the Maritimes. Understanding the reasons for decline is a key first step in recovery.
piping plover and baby

Piping Plover

The endangered piping plover is extremely sensitive to disturbances on the beaches where it nests. As a result, it is not uncommon for adults to abandon viable nests. The Great Lakes region has experienced the most dramatic declines.
roseseate tern flying

Roseate Tern

The roseate tern is a graceful creature whose white, forked tail looks like long streamers when in flight. This endangered seabird experienced sharp declines during the 1970s. Today, there are fewer than 250 adults in Canada.