Clear Creek Forest


Location: Chatham, Ontario

Landowner: Nature Conservancy of Canada. Project managed by Lower Thames Valley Conservation Area.

Seed Provider: Wildflower Farm

About the site:

Clear Creek Forest is a 412 ha protected nature reserve located outside the city of Chatham in the small town of Highgate. Extensive reforestation has been added to the existing old growth deciduous forest, along with 5 ha of restored wetlands. Clear Creek Forest features a closed-canopy deciduous forest containing typical species such as Red Oak, Sugar Maple, American Beech,and Shumard Oak. Twenty-four rare vascular plants have been recorded, including the Tall Ironweed, a species of the midwestern praries.

The 0.5 ha wildflower site is located near a decommissioned quarry. This area is ideal for pollinator habitat, with full sun, and a range of dry to moist clay soils. The wildflowers will create an upland habitat for the ponds to complete their restoration.


Photos before wildflower planting

Lower Thames Valley Conservation Authority 

The Lower Thames Valley Conservation Authority is one of the 36 Conservation Authorities in Ontario. It has jurisdiction over watersheds of all streams draining into the Thames River from Delaware to Lake St. Clair. The Southern boundary includes the watersheds of streams draining into Lake Erie, from the Talbot Creek watershed in the east, to the Two Creeks watershed in the west. Total area 3,275 square kilometres (1,264 square miles) and is home to 107,000 people.


Clear Creek Forest is open for public visitation. Please see hours, parking, and other details on the Lower Thames Valley Conservation Authority Website.

Clear Creek Forest