Become a pollinator citizen scientist

Help Wildlife Preservation Canada survey for at-risk bumble bees in Ontario.

NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! Whether you’ve never seen a bumble bee before, or you can name a handful of species, we will teach you everything you need to know. Once you complete the training, you can be a pollinator citizen scientist anywhere in Canada!

What to bring: The training workshops are held at two provincial parks. Please dress accordingly for the weather. Bring a notepad and pencil, plus any field guides you have. We’ll provide training materials.

What you’ll learn: We’ll teach you the basics of how to catch and identify bumble bee species. We’ll show you how to take photos of the bees and upload them into the BumbleBeeWatch.org database. You’ll be contributing to important pollinator reasearch.


Available training workshops:

Stay tuned for 2020 dates