Our Conservation Grants program addresses the critical need of saving endangered species across Canada.  Wildlife Preservation Canada funds programs run by leaders in their field, which support captive breeding, reintroduction and/or translocation for animals risk of extinction.  We not only work to save endangered animals, we are training young scientists to create a network of skilled professionals who will drive conservation in Canada and around the world for decades to come.

Michael Colley

Michael Colley is leading the Gerogian Bay Massasauga team studying the feasibility of rattlesnake translocations.

Darren Bender

Darren Bender of the University of Calgary has a particular interest in sand dunes on the Canadian prairies and the species that inhabit them.

Christina Davy

Christina was a Canada’s New Noah and has been working with endangered bats and reptiles in Canada and abroad since 2003. She is the Project Leader for Wildlife Preservation Canada’s Freshwater Turtle Program.

Jonathan D. Choquette

Jonathan is an experienced herpetologist, currently working with the Ojibway population of Massasauga Rattlesnake.

David M. Green

David Green is internationally recognized for his expertise in the biology of amphibians, and is working with Fowler’s toads in Ontario.

Tara Imlay

Tara has been a Canada’s new Noah, and a coordinator for our shrike recovery program. She has moved on to investigate the plight of the maritime swallows,

Peter Karsten

Peter was Director of the Calgary Zoo before becoming involved with the recovery of the Taylor’s checkerspot butterfly on Denman Island.

Louis Lazure

Since May 2013, Louis has been part of the Research and Conservation Department at the Granby Zoo. Wildlife Preservation Canada is supporting one of the Zoo’s main conservation efforts, the recovery of the spiny softshell turtle in the Lake Champlain region, Québec.