Raise Funds

raise-fundsIt’s easy to raise funds for a great cause like preventing extinction, and there are many ways you can do it.  Host a dinner party.  Hold a bake or garage sale.  Request donations in lieu of gifts at a wedding or birthday.  The possibilities are endless!

Organize your own personal event
If you’ve ever participated in or supported someone in a fundraising run, walkathon, or other “pledge” event, you know how this works.  Now, it’s easy to create your own personal online fundraising page for any type of event using the Canada Helps Giving Page – it’s easy, and free!   You can either participate in an organized event such as a local run or trash cleanup, or do your own thing.  Your donors can use their credit cards and will receive a receipt for income tax purposes.  Feel free to contact us  if you’d like some advice or have questions.

Thank you Danica  and TREES for BEES!
Danica is an example of what can be done for endangered and at risk species in our neighbourhoods. As a nine-year old, second-year Brownie, she wrote to Dr. Sheila Colla, who was then our At Risk Pollinators Coordinator:

I am writing to you because I am doing a project called TREES for BEES. This project is about saving the B. affinis species by planting early flowering, native trees and shrubs. I started research last May and have been doing many fundraising events and raising awareness about this endangered species. I was able to raise $500.00 on my own. I also got $500.00 from the Girl Guides of Canada tree planting grant. The Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority matched my funds and gave me $500.00. By March of this year, I had a total of $1750.00. I am planting 100 trees/shrubs (in an area) right next to the Pinery. I love going to the Pinery. I have been there many times kayaking with my family and to do the Friends of the Pinery trail and road runs. I know that the oak savannah is the only place the B.affinis lives now in Canada. I read an article about you in ON Nature Magazine and enjoyed it. It was sad to learn that it may be extinct already. I liked how you said that just because you try to help the honey bees it does not mean you are not also helping every kind of bee. I really believe this too! I would like to invite you to my tree planting day. If you can’t come, that’s ok but I would really like to meet you sometime.
Thank you for reading this letter. Happy spring!
Sincerely, Danika