Want to get involved and help endangered wildlife? Volunteering is a great way to support species in danger all while meeting new friends and learning new skills.

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  • Bees on Board Volunteer NOW ACCEPTING VOLUNTEERS
    • We are looking for help in assisting us transferring bumble bee queens to our breeding lab.
    • Bumble bee queens are gently placed in vials that are then place in a cooler. This cooler is then transported by you – our Bees on Board volunteers.
    • Your contribution helps us in getting our queens set up our lab in a timely manner, which is critical for the success of our captive colonies. The faster that we can get our queens to our conservation breeding lab, the less stress for them, and overall increased chances of initiation a colony in captivity. The more queens that initiate colonies in our lab, the more successful of a breeding season for us.
    • No experience with insects is necessary to help!
    • Learn more about when the drop offs take place, drop offs for each city, and how to sign up HERE.
  • Adopt-A-Site shrike volunteer surveyors NOW CLOSED FOR 2024
    • We are looking for help in a number of historic shrike ‘hot-spots’ across Ontario (Carden, Napanee, Grey-Bruce, Manitoulin, Pembroke/Renfrew and Smiths Falls). Volunteers are asked to survey their designated sites three times over the spring and summer (April 15th to June 30th) for evidence of loggerhead shrikes, and a suite of other birds found in the same habitat.  The information that Adopt-A-Site volunteers collect directly contributes to our team’s work in conserving the species!
    • To be involved in surveys, volunteers require:
      -a reliable mode of transportation to remote locations in one of the core areas listed above
      -available time on three days of your choice between April 15th-June 30th (spaced apart evenly)
      -the ability to spot birds from a distance using binoculars and/or a scope
    • Please contact birds@wildlifepreservation.ca to learn more or if you are interested in volunteering.