As a monthly donor and Wildlife Guardian, you are part of a special group of dedicated individuals who make it possible for our conservation teams to help endangered animals throughout the year.

These are just some of the many ways that Wildlife Guardians help:


  • Just because our field work stops in November, that doesn’t mean that we can afford to take the winter off.  Wildlife Guardians help us feed and care for hundreds of animals through the winter months. Winter is also when we do much of our scientific work: studying data collected in the summer; planning for improvements next season; and writing reports to share our new knowledge with other caretakers of endangered species around the world.
  • Science can be messy, and unexpected developments – such as extreme climate events – lead to costs that weren’t built into the budget. Wildlife Guardians reassure us that we’ll be able to keep going through good times and bad.
  • Planning for new programs that will help save more endangered species requires the assurance of a stable financial future. Wildlife Guardians help us chart a course for growth with guaranteed sustainability.