Hawkridge Community Collective Wildflower Project


Location: Milford, Ontario

Landowners: Hawkridge Homestead, Kervan Farm, Lee & Howard Scott

Seed Provider: Wildflower Farm

About the site:

Along one of Prince Edward County’s most picturesque roads lined with heritage stone fences in an area of importance for biodiversity as one of the province’s largest bird migration paths, this project is a collective initiative of three century-old farms to sow wildflowers over a kilometre of roadside. The farm collective will also be planting seeds in 0.4 ha of meadow.

Hawkridge Homestead has non-certified organic gardens that are rich with heirloom foods, medicinal herbs, and a variety of other plants that attract pollinators. In addition to the 180m long roadside meadow that will be created in front of the property, a wildflower meadow will be planted at the top ridge between two mixed forests. Kervan Farm contains a century-old wild orchard with heirloom varieties of apples. Kervan farms will be planting wildflower meadows along 150m of roadside. Lee & Howard Scott produce hand-spun and dyed natural wool. They will be planting wildflowers along 60m of roadside.

Each heritage farm is reclaiming roadside land that has been unused because of its narrow width (2m at some points), but these areas prove to be excellent wildflower locations because of their location at the transition point between the road and the farm property. The wildflower seeds that will be planted along the road must be resistant to the chemical and physical pressures from road maintenance.


Photos before wildflower planting

A Community Wildflower Project

This is a joint community project between three neighbouring heritage rural properties: Hawkridge Homestead, Kervan Farm, and Lee and Howard Scott. The landowners were concerned with the health of pollinators and the importance they play especially within the farming community. They have come together to cultivate a roadside area with wildflowers, along with an area situated between two forests atop the natural limestone ridge (home to many migrating species of birds and butterflies) in a section of open meadow to be seeded. The collective wishes to collect seeds from their flowers and use greenhouses to establish plants over winter to distribute amongst neighbours in the community to further the initiative.

Learn more by visiting the Hawkridge Homestead website.


The Hawkridge Community Collective Wildflower Project is located on private land. You can see the wildflower plots as you drive along Morrison Point Road. Please do not walk on the land.

Hawkridge Community Wildflower Garden