Jessica Steiner

Jessica joined Wildlife Preservation Canada’s Conservation in 2006 as our shrike field biologist in the Carden Area.  The following year she began managing all aspects of our Loggerhead Shrike Recovery Program in Ontario as our Species Recovery Biologist. In [2014], she became our Conservation Programs Director, overseeing all of our species recovery projects.

Jessica studied Zoology at the University of Guelph and earned a Master’s of Applied Science in Wildlife Health and Population Management from the University of Sydney, Australia. She previously worked with threatened massassauga rattlesnakes and critically endangered black-footed ferrets and Puerto Rican crested toads at the Toronto Zoo.

As our 16th Canada’s New Noah, Jessica worked on critically endangered passerine projects in Mauritius to complete her post-graduate Diploma in Endangered Species Management through the Durrell Conservation Academy. She was part of the team that brought the first Mauritius olive white eye nestlings into captivity in order to develop hand-rearing and conservation management techniques.