LASALLE, Ontario.

Wildlife Preservation Canada presented the Town of LaSalle with a unique gift this past Sunday. The 16th of July marked World Snake Day, an international day to celebrate and learn about this unique group of scaly, legless, and fascinating critters that share our world. A large proportion of snake species in Canada are considered ‘at risk’ of disappearing from our country, and are therefore afforded legal protection. Regardless, intentional killing, habitat loss, and road mortality continue to threaten these animals.

An interpretive sign is unveiled in LaSalle woods“LaSalle Woods is a very significant habitat for local wildlife, including snakes, “ says Jonathan Choquette, a Conservation Biologist with SCC Ecological, “but not all park users and residents are aware of its significance.“ So with the Town’s support, Wildlife Preservation Canada partnered with Choquette to coordinate production and installation of an interpretive panel highlighting the important flora and fauna of LaSalle Woods. Scott Hughes, of Scott Hughes Graphic Design, was commissioned to produce the panel, which was officially unveiled this past Sunday.

LaSalle Woods is a ~100ha protected area which supports a range of habitats including Carolinian forest and tallgrass prairie, and is home to several Species at Risk insects, plants, and reptiles. LaSalle Woods is part of the larger ‘Ojibway Prairie Complex and Greater Park Ecosystem’, which was designated in 2016 as Canada’s 11th Important Amphibian and Reptile Area. “LaSalle Council is committed to preserving the integrity of the Carolinian forest now and into the future. We are proud to work with Wildlife Preservation Canada to be able to share information with our community about the types of plant and animal species that live in LaSalle Woods,” said Mayor Ken Antaya.

For all inquiries about Town of LaSalle parks contact: Mark Beggs, Manager of Roads and Parks, Town of LaSalle, 519-969-7770 x1463,