Mammal Projects

With its diverse range of ecosystems, Canada is home to nearly 200 species of mammals, from the mighty blue whale cruising our Arctic waters, to the stealthy wolverine prowling boreal forests, to pipsqueak shrews darting about prairie grasslands.

However, no mammal has had a greater impact on the landscape than humans — an impact that has put hundreds of species at risk. Over-hunting in the 1800s decimated Canada’s bison, while today, urban sprawl and agricultural operations eat away at sensitive habitats. Meanwhile, human-caused climate change brings a host of new challenges.

At Wildlife Preservation Canada, we know humans are also capable of making a positive difference. For decades, we’ve been on the frontline of conservation efforts. Whether it’s helping bring the Vancouver Island marmot — Canada’s most endangered mammal — back from the brink of extinction or rebuilding swift fox populations in one of the world’s most successful translocation projects of its kind, we know what’s possible when we commit ourselves to a cause.

How you can help

  • Don’t disturb areas where mammals at risk live.
  • Choose alternatives to pesticides and toxic products.
  • Shop organic.
  • Preserve natural areas that provide habitat for plants and animals.
  • Help curb climate change by reducing your use of fossil fuels.
  • Contact your local government office and let them know that you support responsible land use planning that protects and connects natural areas and endangered species habitat.
  • Report sightings of rare species to your provincial/territorial Conservation Data Centre.
  • Support Wildlife Preservation Canada.