Position: Shrike Recovery Biologists (2)

Jessica-SteinerWildlife Preservation Canada is seeking two experienced biologists to implement 2015 field season activities for the Eastern Loggerhead Shrike (ELOSH) Recovery Program.  Two positions will be filled, one each in the Carden and Napanee Alvars. Some work may also occur in Smiths Falls, Pembroke/Renfrew and Grey-Bruce/Manitoulin. The Eastern Loggerhead Shrike is critically endangered with a total of only 16 known pairs breeding in Ontario in 2014.  The Carden and Napanee Alvars are the two core areas where ELOSH continue to breed, while ELOSH sightings still occur in Smiths Falls, Pembroke/Renfrew, Grey-Bruce and Manitoulin.  Wildlife Preservation Canada has been managing a unique model recovery program for ELOSH since 2001 that includes wild population surveying and monitoring, captive breeding and release, and habitat stewardship projects.

Job Description:

Under the supervision of the Species Recovery Biologist, staff will be responsible for monitoring the wild population in their designated core area(s), and the care and soft-release of groups of captive-hatched juveniles (transferred to release sites from one of the program’s breeding facilities over July-August); this offers a unique opportunity to work first-hand with an endangered species and the chance to gain experience in animal care and population recovery techniques in a field setting.

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