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Breakfast without pollinatorsA Day Without Pollinators #1 – A Bland Breakfast

Did you know that many of our most delicious and desired foods are animal pollinated?  Have you ever considered what your breakfast would look like if all pollinators were to suddenly disappear?

Your morning would be off to a rough start without a full cup of coffee (while it can self-pollinate, yields are increased by pollinators, and with small yields, coffee would likely be harder to get).  Grab a slice of bread from the toaster, but forget about using spreads like honey or jam, as they would be lost without pollinators, as would fruits like apples or strawberries, and other items like almonds.  Even dairy products, like butter, yogurt, and milk might be lost as dairy cows often eat plants like alfalfa that require pollination in order to set seeds.

Which of these breakfasts would you prefer?

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