Randal was appointed Executive Director of Wildlife Preservation Canada in April 2015, but he has been involved with the organization since 2006, when he joined the Board of Directors.

Following a three-year term on the board, he put his experience more directly to work as our Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations. At the same time, he continued to facilitate the board’s strategic planning work on a pro bono basis, helping the organization achieve its five-year target of nearly doubling in size.

Randal brings a background in strategy execution, with extensive management experience in the corporate and non-profit sectors. He also has a lifelong passion for nature, describing himself as a lapsed fisherman, terminally intermediate birder and avid native plant gardener. He holds an MBA from the University of Tennessee, is a past president of Toronto’s Strategic Leadership Forum, and serves on the Board of Directors of Alterna Savings, one of Ontario’s largest credit unions.