On April 8, 2013 Wildlife Preservation Canada received a Conservation Group Award, recognising its contribution to endangered species conservation and its collaberative approach. The award notes the accomplishments of Wildlife Preservation Canada and its team over a relatively short period of time in several of its endangered species recovery programs.

The Ontario Endangered Species Act Conference (OESAC) bestowed this award, stating “Your group’s work through the Eastern Loggerhead Shrike recovery program since 2001 has helped to stabilize Ontario’s shrike population, while completing important research. Wildlife Preservation Canada is known for taking a collaborative approach to achieving success.”

OESAC went on to state, “ Your work with multiple partners in the study and conservation of freshwater turtles along the shores of Lake Erie and the development of turtle nest protection programs as well as your commitment to a pollinator program that will focus on a variety of endangered pollinators are significant examples of the importance of your work.”
Executive Director, Elaine Williams, accepted the award of behalf of WPC. “We are honoured to be one of two recipients in the Conservation Group Award category of the first OESA Conference Awards.  In particular, we are delighted that the award is recognition of not only the solid recovery science behind our work, put also the pragmatic and collaborative approach WPC takes in species at risk recovery.”

Wildlife Preservation Canada thanks the Ontario Endangered Species Act Conference for this recognition. We also thank Couchiching Conservancy and the Carden Field Naturalists for the nomination. We vow to continue our efforts to save endangered animal species in Canada.