Samuel Wilmot Nature Area


Location: Newcastle, Ontario

Landowner: Municipality of Clarington

Seed Provider: Wildflower Farm

About the site:

The Samuel Wilmot Nature Area is comprised of 77 hectares of stream valley lands and wetlands on the shore of Lake Ontario. Wilmot Creek and the marsh are both significant components of the ecosystem of Lake Ontario’s north shore. Because of its location along the lake’s northern shoreline, the area receives large volumes of monarchs and other migrating pollinators that move through the region during the fall migration. One hectare of meadow will be converted to native wildflowers to benefit resident and migrating pollinators.

UPDATE: We were pleased to receive an update from Samuel Wilmot Nature Area on the progress they have made with their project.  To learn more, please visit their link here. 


Photos before wildflower planting



Municipality of Clarington

The Municipality of Clarington is a beautiful community that forms the eastern boundary of the Greater Toronto Area. Clarington is one of eight municipalities located in Durham Region. With a population of over 95 thousand people and growing, Clarington offers residents a blend of city living and rural charm.


Samuel Wilmot Nature Area is open for public visitation. Please see hours, parking, and other details on the Samuel Wilmot Nature Area website.

Samuel Wilmot Nature Area