Save the Yellow-banded Bumble Bee!

Special Concern in Canada.
Many pollinator species are rapidly declining.

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About the Species:

Insect pollinators such as butterflies, flies, and bees are a cornerstone of natural ecosystems. The yellow-banded bumble bee was once common throughout the northeastern US and across most of Canada, but it is now declining in parts of its range.

Our Hands-on Action: 

Wildlife Preservation Canada’s conservation breeding program for at-risk bumble bees is the first of its kind in Canada. We are adapting traditional bumble bee rearing techniques to work for declining species like the yellow-banded bumble bee, which have unique needs. These new methods may one day come to the rescue of other hard to breed species. Our long term goal is to increase existing populations of declining bee species, and also to reintroduce species back into places where they have already disappeared.


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About the Species Ambassador: 

Genevieve Rowe manages the native pollinator recovery programs across Canada. She has worked with renowned experts in the fields of pollinator ecology, taxonomy and systematics, and has taken part in various species at-risk monitoring and recovery programs, both nationally and internationally.

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  1. Douglas Hart

    Bees are key pollinators and play such a critical role in our ecosystem.

    I also love watching bumble bees at work. They’re so industrious and under serious threat.

  2. jasna guy

    Great video! Informative, beautiful and accessible.
    Really does need to be shown widely.
    Should be on TV, between films, instead of the mindless advertisements!

  3. Derrek Tutte

    Keep up the good work Genevieve!!

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