Save the Massasauga Rattlesnake!

Endangered in Carolinian Ontario.
Less than 25 individuals left in the wild.


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About the Species:

Eastern massasauga rattlesnakes face a number of threats, including habitat loss, road mortality, intentional killing, and illegal collection for the pet trade. While at-risk throughout its range in Ontario, the massasauga rattlesnake population in the Ojibway Prairie is critically small, making it extremely sensitive to threats and at a high risk for local extinction.

Our Hands-on Action: 

In 2015 Wildlife Preservation Canada launched the Ojibway Prairie Reptile Recovery program (OPRREC), to protect and connect critical habitat, reduce threats, conduct public outreach, and prepare for long-term population augmentation using techniques such as conservation breeding and translocation. A robust monitoring regime will allow us to evaluate the success of our recovery efforts and to change our techniques as required.


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About the Species Ambassador: 

Jonathan Choquette manages the recovery program for the Ojibway population of the massasauga rattlesnake in Southern Ontario.  Jonathan is a habitat expert, studying both biology and landscape architecture at the University of Guelph. Jonathan has published numerous articles about the importance of habitat for reptiles and amphibians.

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  1. Daina Eislers

    Reptiles are highly endangered, and the Massassauga Rattler is of Global Concern. They don’t deserve to become extinct due to ‘human progress’.


    Species that are not charismatic macrofauna tend to get short shrift when it comes to preserving wildlife. They are still crucial to the ecosystem!

    I have always been an advocate of the underdog!

    These are important species to the habitats which they occupy.

  3. Stephanie McLarty

    Snakes are my least favourite of the 4 species, and that is why I voted for them! They need help too.

  4. Neil Morris

    As others have already noted, snake species are not usually perceived as charismatic or likable. Of course, they are as beautiful and fascinating as any creature and certainly play a key role in a functional ecosystem. They most certainly deserve our respect and protection.

  5. Ronald Wells

    Got your back on this one, our Security Team captured and relocated two Big Masseys from a Trailor Camp Site on the Bruce Penninsula last summer.

    They would have been killed but thankfully somebody had the sense to notify us in time.
    I believe we posted a short video on this site of the procedure

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